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Mentor Research Institute (MRI) is currently seeking collaborations and financial support to develop, implement and refine  "School Sentinel" - an innovative school suicide and violence prevention program.

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Mentor Research Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. Mentor Research Institute maintains responsibility for the program and its content.

Goals of Mentor Research Institute (MRI) Continuing Education Programs: MRI provides psychologists and professionals of other mental health disciplines with opportunities to participate in a variety of formal learning activities. These activities, while primarily focused on issues of clinical practice in psychology, also offer education which supports psychologists and other mental health professionals in their adaptation to changes in technology, requirements for medical collaboration, state laws, and to third party payer, and federal and state requirements. The clinical and current issues programs developed and or presented by MRI allow psychologists and other mental health professionals to maintain develop and increase their competencies, to improve their services to the public and to develop their ability to contribute to their profession. Participants in an MRI sponsored continuing education event who wish to make complaint about that event may contact MRI at or by calling Dr. Michaele Dunlap at 503-227-2027 x10.

Consumer Protection

MRI currently maintains a web site that is designed to provide people with consumer protection information.  MRi also provides parents with information about intervention programs including adventure, outdoor and wilderness programs for youth at risk.


MRI conducts research in the areas of mental health treatment outcomes supporting the use of standardized measures of patient satisfaction, therapist alliance, progress, process and outcomes.

Current Programs

School Safety

The program consists of three elements.

1.  Sentinel. "An Online screening and risk assessment tool that allows student to anonymously answer questions available on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. The system processes that data an creates a unique video specific to the issues identified by students.

2.  A "Cop and a Doc". A program that pairs a school resource officer (SRO) with a volunteer clinical psychologist (or physician) who meets with the SRO once a week for an hour and for occasional phone calls that pertain to helping the police officer to interact more effectively based on understanding of adolescent behavior, psychology and mental health.

3.   SRO Referral Portal. The SRO is given access to an on-line schedule and the authority to make appointments with mental health professionals participating in "Connecting Care". 

Connecting Care

The Independent Practice Integrated Care ( IPIC) project being developed by AMHA-USA, AMHA-OR, COMHPA, WOMHA and MRI is created in response to government-mandated changes to health delivery. The focus of this project is to assure that independent mental health providers can participate in the evolving system. Quality is defined by the Triple Aim of the Affordable Care Act as measures of (1) access, (2) improved group health and well-being and (3) management or containment of cost.

About US

Mentor Research Institute (MRI) is a 501c3 consumer protection information and research program that has been in existence since 1995. The Board of Directors currently consists of four psychologists, and two business people. The Board is a “working board” and is not paid or compensated. The directors create, adminster and support MRI projects.  MRI Board members and advisors donate both time and resources to MRI activities. MRI consults with advisors from the professional and lay community to inform decisions and project plans.

Michaele P Dunlap, PsyD


Dr. Dunlap serves Mentor Research Institute as President, Administrator and Director for Education. Dr. Dunlap is a psychologist who practices in Portland OR. She has more than thirty years experience in community non-profit and professional Board service. Dunlap is President of Mentor Professional Corporation and Director for National Membership Development of AMHA-USA. Dunlap began practice as a mental health professional in 1984. She holds an American Psychological Association College of Professional Psychology Certificate of Proficiency in Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use. Dr. Dunlap’s private practice is focused on recovering chemically dependent patients; consultation to mental health professionals and to businesses and organizations...

Christine Glenn, PhD


Dr. Glenn serves MRI as Secretary and Director for Research Collaboration. Dr. Glenn is a Clinical Psychologist Licensed in Oregon since 1982. She has been private practice since 1987 in Portland with the exception of two years (1988-1990) when she worked with expatriates in Katmandu, Nepal. Dr. Glenn was Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty, 1985-1987 Oregon Graduate School of Professional Psychology, Forest Grove, OR, where she taught Developmental Psychology and Statistics.She was employed as a research associate and program evaluation specialist, (1978-1983) at the Neurological Sciences Center; Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Papers published in Brain and Language, Brain and Cognition, International Journal of Psychology.

Katherine M Leonard, PhD


Dr Leonard serves Mentor Research Institute as a Director and Treasurer. Dr Leonard is a Psychologist and Family Therapist in private practice. She provides assessment and treatment for adjustment to cancer and other chronic and life threatening illnesses, for individual adult anxiety, depression and adjustment disorders, for psychosocial aspects of chronic pain and stress management and for marital and family conflict resolution. Dr Leonard is on the medical staff of Legacy Portland Hospitals (Good Samaritan and Emanuel): Provides consultation and psychological services in the Comprehensive Cancer Program for cancer patients and their families. She is also an Allied Professional Staff member for Legacy Meridian Park Hospital’s Cancer Rehabilitation Dept.

Patsy Cobb


Patsy J. Cobb is currently Director of Audit and Risk for Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) which has its main office in Portland, OR and a regional office in New York, NY. She is responsible for internal audit function and risk management oversight, with emphasis on information security, infrastructure development and staff self-sufficiency through education and training. From 2000 to 2006 Ms. Cobb was Director of Finance for NWEA serving on the management team which grew that 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (specializing in educational assessment, psychometric research, proprietary software development and application service provider) from $4.5 million to nearly $50 million in annual revenues, with a proportionate growth in the number of clients served. Since 1991 Ms. Cobb has maintained her own company, CFO Solutions in Lake Oswego, OR. CFO Solutions provides consulting and bookkeeping services to clients in varying industries, with an emphasis on professional services and small business needs. Ms. Cobb holds a BS in business management and has completed graduate level classes in Tax Law, as well as professional education in leadership development, information security, audit and risk, federal funds audits, and nonprofit issues.

Batasha Louie, JD



Martha Blake, N


Dr. Blake administered Kaiser Permanente Northwest contractual quality management agreements and credentials and privileges program. Co-authored article on Kaiser Permanente’s national award-winning Chronic Pain Management Program for medical journal. Conducted peer review of clinical cases. Maintained confidential peer review records for 2500 practitioners. Consulted to local and national medical service delivery system design, advised legislation, supported clinical assessments of practitioners, providers, and delegates. Supervised and trained ten specialists. Maintained NCQA, JCAHO, HCFA and Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program accreditation standards. Behavioral Emotional Steering Committee. Participated as member multi-disciplinary team designing continuity of care for members in psychiatric crisis. Facilitated multidisciplinary teams designing Case Management and Health Status/ Health Risk Assessment Program for Kaiser Permanente employees of Multnomah County. Served as consultant to Behavioral Health departments’ system improvements, peer reviews, and sentinel events. Converted Region to outcomes-based clinical program integrated with business plan, designed by clinicians and administrators, with budget accountability for results. Administered NW Region quality management program serving 380,000 members and 1200 clinicians.


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